We are a state-owned organisation with an independent Board, which oversees our corporate planning, business performance and compliance matters.

Reporting to the Treasurer, Minister for Transport Infrastructure and Minister for Public and Active Transport, we operate under the Transport Integration Act 2010, which sets out the roles and responsibilities of VicTrack and our transport sector partners, including V/Line.


Requirements of the Act

The Act states that all transport decisions need to be made within an integrated decision-making framework, with the shared objectives of:

  • An integrated and sustainable transport system
  • Transport supporting economic prosperity and environmental sustainability
  • Coordinated transport and planning.

It also acknowledges the role of other organisations impacting on the transport system such as the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and local governments.

Our functions under the Act

Under the Act, our first priority is to support strong transport outcomes and wider government policies towards a thriving state. As owners of the assets on behalf of the state, the Act empowers us to use the assets for commercial returns, which are reinvested back to Victorian transport and communities – ensuring the use or development does not compromise the current or future transport system.

To achieve our primary objective of supporting a strong transport system and government policies, we are required to perform the following key functions:

  • Provide strategic advice to the Department of Transport and Planning on the use and development of our assets.
  • Act as the manager of non-operational transport assets under our control, including promoting sustainability, maintaining heritage and granting access and leases for business and community use.
  • Develop our telecommunications network and telecommunications services and other information system services to support the state’s transport system.
  • Develop our project management services to support the state’s transport system.

The Act also states that in performing these functions we should engage with stakeholders to ensure better outcomes for all Victorians. We should conduct research relating to the performance of our functions and efficiently deal with any complaints relating to our performance.