Community partnerships

As the owner of the state’s transport assets, we recognise we have a great resource and a great responsibility to the people of Victoria – as we work to ensure our assets are part of a thriving state.

As the owner of the state’s transport assets, we recognise we have a great responsibility to use these resources to contribute to a thriving state.

We work closely with community groups that share our objectives to preserve land and railway properties, to make the most of our assets and support the best outcomes for communities.

Landcare partnership
As one of the state’s largest landholders, we understand the importance of preserving Victoria’s land assets. That’s why we work in close partnership with Landcare Australia.

As a major sponsor of its Grassroots Program, we support an extensive program to protect and restore native grasslands in and around railway corridors.

Keep Victoria Beautiful Stationeers
In partnership with Keep Victoria Beautiful, we support the Stationeers Program, which engages volunteers to beautify station precincts with activities such as gardening, murals and litter removal.

The program recognises stations are often the gateway to communities, with a clean and attractive station building can bring greater community pride and reduce instances of littering or vandalism.

With funding support from VicTrack, Keep Victoria Beautiful currently manages more than 50 active Stationeers groups across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The Stationeers program teams also work closely with local rail authorities and in collaboration with V/Line and Metro Trains to roll out its activities.