Bridge naming competition

Forty high-risk bridges will be named under our bridge naming competition. Bridge names are important for community safety as they help emergency services pinpoint locations more easily.

Five bridges in Moorabool Shire are currently being named through the competition. The bridges are at:

  • Browns Lane
  • Dunnstown Rd
  • McCormacks Rd
  • Paces Lane
  • Portland Flat Rd

You now have the chance to vote on the shortlisted names for each bridge.

Voting closes on 31 January 2018.

Step 1: watch video highlighting the shortlisted names for each bridge 

Step 2: vote for your favourite names 
Dunnstown Road bridge

Dunnstown Road is 13 kilometres east of Ballarat in a town called Navigators. The shortlisted names are: 

Navigators Bridge

This is a name used by locals

Navigator Railway Bridge 
This is a name used by locals

Navigator Pioneer Bridge
The bluestone railway bridge was built by stonemasons and navvies – pioneers who contributed to the region’s prosperity.

Dunnisgator Bridge 
This is a hybrid of Navigator- Dunnstown Rd.

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Browns Lane Bridge
Browns Lane and is six kilometres south of Bacchus Marsh. The shortlisted names are: 

Brownford Bridge
This is a hybrid of Browns and Exford because Browns Lane takes you to Parwan-Exford Road.

Fred Lewin Bridge
Fred Lewin was well-known in Bacchus Marsh. He loved his community, and was a volunteer at St Vinnies, little athletics and the local netball club. 

Pearce Bridge
The Pearce family grew chicory in Bacchus Marsh from 1867, and were owners of the general store. In 1885 the Pearce brothers built a brick chicory kiln on their property, which still stands in Taverner Street. 

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McCormacks Road Bridge

McCormacks Road is near Bacchus Marsh. The shortlisted names are: 

McCormacks Bridge
This is the name that locals use 

Marshbark Bridge
A hybrid of Bacchus Marsh and Ironbark roads.

Nick Atanastoff Bridge
Nick Atanastoff and his wife migrated to Australia after World War II, and moved to Bacchus Marsh where they owned an orchard. In 1980, Nick bought land at McCormacks Road and planted more than 40,000 trees.

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Paces Lane bridge

Our final bridge is on Paces Lane  - nine kilometres south west of Bacchus Marsh in a town called Rowsley.  The shortlisted names are: 

Hollow Bend Bridge
The road bends where the bridge is.

Paces Bridge
This is a name that locals use.

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Portland Flat Road bridge

Portland Flat Road is 12 kilometres west of Ballan in a town called Gordon. The shortlisted names are: 

Gascards Lane Bridge 
Named after the road leading up to the bridge. 

Gasbourne Bridge
A hybrid of Gascards and Melbourne, because the bridge takes you from Gascards Lane to Old Melbourne Road.

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