About VicTrack

Corporate background

Under theTransport Integration Act 2010, VicTrack's role is first and foremost to support public transport and secondly to support broader government priorities, by operating commercially.  

Formed in 1997, VicTrack is a State Owned Enterprise with an independent Board with a dual reporting line to the Minister for Public Transport and the Treasurer.

VicTrack provides essential telecommunications and other services to support a safe and efficient public transport system and works closely with Public Transport Victoria and the Department of Transport.

VicTrack also works closely with other agencies and departments, rail and tram operators and local councils and community groups to support transport, government and community priorities.

VicTrack is a commercial organisation that funds its own operations through the delivery of services and by leasing land and buildings within its large property portfolio. VicTrack also aims to be a good corporate citizen by providing a range of benefits for communities, heritage and the environment, including providing hundreds of community leases at nominal rentals.

Although VicTrack is the legal owner of Victoria’s railway land and infrastructure, it has no active role in delivering public transport or rail freight services. Instead, these assets are leased to Victoria’s rail and tram franchisees who control and maintain the infrastructure and land they lease.

For further information about VicTrack’s core business pillars, see organisation structure.

ABN: 55 047 316 805.