Online safety induction

Our online safety induction is a 30-minute course  that must be completed by all contractors and principal contractors who work in the field.

The online safety induction must be completed before any works start.

Once the induction is complete, a ticket of competency is sent via email.

Contractors must carry this ticket of competency at all times when undertaking work for VicTrack. 

Why this induction is important
This online induction provides valuable safety information and helps to ensure a safe work environment is provided. 

When to take the online induction
The induction must be completed before works start. A refresher course needs to be taken every two years. We will notify you when to take the refresher course.
How to access the online induction
Go to

Forgetting or losing passwords
If you have lost your username or password go to the online induction website and click on 'Forgot Username/Password'.

More information 
For any other enquiries please contact your VicTrack representative.