Becoming a Supplier to VicTrack
VicTrack engages a diverse range of suppliers and contractors, who provide goods and services that are critical to ensure the best possible outcomes for Victoria’s transport system. 

Our suppliers and supply partners are fundamental resources for our business and we are actively looking at how we can do things better, which includes making sure we have the right suppliers.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to VicTrack please read below where you will find information including sourcing and selecting suppliers.

About Procurement at VicTrack 
Our approach to engaging suppliers is a balance between achieving exceptional quality and the best possible value for money. Underpinning VicTrack's Procurement is a number of principles which guide how procurement is carried out regardless of what is being procured. These stated principles are:

  • Value for money
  • Open and fair competition
  • Accountability
  • Risk management
  • Probity and transparency

Sourcing and Selecting suppliers
The sourcing and selection of suppliers typically involves a number of stages, including (but not limited to):

1. Identifying the businesses need for goods or services
2. Inviting suppliers to quote/ submit a proposal or tender to meet our requirements
3. Assessing suppliers based on a range of criteria, including (but not limited to) 

a. Best value for money over the duration of the contract
b. Quality and performance
c. Timeliness, reliability and capacity to supply
d. Innovation and contribution to VicTrack’s competitive position
e. Social and environmental performance
f. Health and Safety considerations
g. Commercial risk

In Victrack Certain procurements for works and services are subject to the Ministerial Direction No. 1, issued under the Project Development and Construction Management Act 1994 and all contract values of $150k+(including GST) must be tendered publicly, unless specific exemption is granted

All VicTrack public tenders must be uploaded and lodged using VicTrack’s E-tendering Portal located called Tenderlink. 

Further details can be found at https://www.tenderlink.com/victrack

VicTrack require all suppliers register on Tenderlink (and we are actively seeking additional suppliers to provide us a range of services)

We have circa portfolio spends of $120million per annum, and if you are not currently registered with Tenderlink, please log onto https://www.tenderlink.com/victrack, and click on the registration button, and fill in all the required fields.