VicTrack partnership with Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

12 November 2015

A VicTrack partnership with Landcare Australia will deliver $30,000 funding to help manage and preserve native vegetation and fauna on rail land under the Basalt to Bay Landcare Network’s Green Line project.

Today, VicTrack and Landcare representatives joined local community leaders and conservation volunteers in Koroit to tour part of the 37 kilometre linear conservation project.

Later a community meeting was planned to discuss the benefits and future proposals under the Green Line project.

The Basalt to Bay Landcare Network Green Line project involves managing and restoring the rail land between the Koroit Rail Trail and the Minhamite Railway Station.

The partnership involves the provision of funding by VicTrack to Landcare Australia for the purpose of protecting and enhancing areas of native vegetation on railway land.

Quotes attributable to the Manager of Environment and Sustainability, Lyndal Gibbs

“VicTrack works to protect a rich transport heritage and grow a strong transport future, and this includes environmental sustainability and conservation.”

“VicTrack reinvests in communities to work together to protect land and heritage through environmental care and management.”

“These Landcare community projects will help preserve important remnant native vegetation and habitats in South West Coast regions.”

“The $30,000 funding committed this year will ably assist the Basalt to Bay Landcare Network to continue their work to manage and restore the land between Koroit and Minhamite.”

Quotes Attributable to the Tessa Jakszewicz, Chief executive Officer Landcare Australia

“Support from organisations like VicTrack is vital to assist our community Landcare groups to do their great work.”

“Thanks to support from VicTrack, Landcare can restore local plant communities which provide important habitat for native animals.”

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