Clean bill of health for Ballarat Station car park

25 January 2017

Public concern about soil contamination in the Ballarat Station car park has been appropriately investigated and addressed.

Soil contaminants commonly found in urban areas, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and lead, have been identified below the ground level in three isolated areas in areas of the car park.

In late 2016, we engaged an experienced risk assessor to complete a Human Health Risk Assessment (Report) to assess the risks to the public.

The assessment of the risks to the public from soil contamination incorporated conservative assumptions about site conditions and exposure levels.

The risk assessor concluded that

  • the soil contamination is not expected to pose an adverse health risk.

  • the site is considered safe for the public to use for car parking (including in unsealed areas) and for rail operations.

  • no environmental management measures or controls were required for continued use of the site

As a precaution, temporary fencing was placed around some areas of the car park. The fencing will be removed on the morning of Friday 27 January.

More information
Read a copy of the Human Health Risk Assessment Report