More time for public to vote on competition to rename bridges in Moorabool Shire

11 January 2018

VicTrack has extended the deadline for public voting to rename five high-risk rail bridges in a community vote in VicTrack’s Bridge Naming Competition.

Sally Burgess, Group Manager Property Services, VicTrack today announced the extension of the public vote, designed to officially name bridges in fire or flood prone areas, so emergency services can locate them more quickly and accurately.

The public are invited to vote for their preferred names for each of the bridges online at with voting now open until end January 2018.

Nominated names commemorate a local place or community member and follow criteria set out by the Office of Geographic Names (OGN). The nominated names
were shortlisted by a panel including the OGN, emergency services, Moorabool Shire and VicTrack.

The five bridges in the Moorabool Shire are located at:

1. McCormacks Road, Bacchus March
2. Paces Lane, Rowsley
3. Browns Lane, Parwan
4. Dunnstown Road, Navigators and
5. Portland Flat Road, Gordon.

Quotes attributable to Group Manager Property Services, Sally Burgess

“Giving names to high-risk bridges in the area could make a real difference in the event of an emergency, by allowing people to access help quickly and easily.”

“And people now have until the end of January to have their say and to vote to rename five high-risk bridges in the Moorabool Shire.

“By local people voting for official names to their bridges, we are helping them not only to commemorate their local area, but also to keep themselves safe.”

More information
Read the nominated names and the reasons they were nominated