Major transport projects

As rail asset and land owners, we are an integral player in the delivery of major public transport projects, including the Metro Tunnel and the Level Crossing Removal Project.

We also supported the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) with the Hurstbridge Rail Line Upgrade and the Mernda Rail Extension Project.

Other major projects we support include the West Gate Tunnel Project, the Flinders Street Station Revitalisation Project and the Murray Basin Rail Project.

We have adopted a program management approach, known as the Major Transport Initiatives Program, to deal with the interface between VicTrack and the projects in a coordinated way.

Our role in projects delivered by Rail Projects Victoria

Our telecommunications role includes helping to shape the requirements of the projects to make sure they align with our standards and requirements for the future.

As the Metro Tunnel progresses, our role will include extending and upgrading the VicTrack telecommunications network, and providing infrastructure to support mobile carrier services within the underground tunnels.

We are also undertaking works around our existing telecommunications infrastructure, including proving underground services, relocating and replacing services, carrying out site surveys and inspections to ensure assets are protected, and preparing construction specifications. 

Our land management responsibilities include enabling projects to access railway land and advising on environmental land management requirements.

We are also working with Rail Projects Victoria to support VicTrack leaseholders when projects affect land they occupy.  

Our role in projects delivered by the Level Crossing Removal Authority

We have a key role to play in the Level Crossing Removal Project throughout the planning and construction phase.

Pre-construction, we ensure that telecommunications specifications meet our standards and requirements for the future. We also help the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) to decide on the best design for each level crossing removal, by providing information on the location of assets and other infrastructure.

Once construction begins, we work on the ground to reroute and install telecommunications cables and network transmission equipment for the project.

As land managers, we enable the project to access rail land and advise on environmental land management requirements.

We also work with the LXRA to support VicTrack leaseholders when land they occupy is required by the project.

We are using our expertise in property development to investigate potential sites for redevelopment around rebuilt stations. This provides the opportunity to offer communities new facilities and generate revenue, which we can reinvest into public transport. 

We also supported the LXRA with their delivery of the Hurstbridge Rail Line Upgrade and the Mernda Rail Extension Project, by providing telecommunications and land management support.

Our role in the West Gate Tunnel Project

We are working closely with government, councils and other transport agencies on planning for the project. We also work with VicTrack leaseholders who may be affected by the project.

Our role in the Flinders Street Station Project

The Flinders Street Station Project is led by Development Victoria.

We sit on the Project Steering Committee, alongside other relevant stakeholders including the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR), Development Victoria and Public Transport Victoria (PTV).

We also sit on the project working group, which supports the steering committee and provides regular oversight, direction and coordination of activities.

Our role in the Murray Basin Project

We are extensively involved in research and providing information and advice in relation to the services located along the Murray Basin rail lines.