Transport and Government Secure Network (TGSN)

VicTrack is investing $69 million to transform our statewide telecommunications network to ensure it keeps pace with the transport needs of our growing population.

The Transport and Government Secure Network (TGSN) will transform VicTrack’s current telecommunications infrastructure. It will deliver a safer, more secure, more efficient and more reliable network.

The TGSN will replace ageing infrastructure that is becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to maintain.

The transformed network will support the roll out of High Capacity Signalling technology, an increase in data capacity and speed and to ensure our network remains secure and resilient against the ever increasing risk of cyber-attack.

The project will be rolled out over three years commencing mid-2020. When completed the TGSN will deliver:

  • cost savings for the state
  • opportunities for other government agencies to use TGSN, reducing network duplication and saving costs
  • improved network reliability and security
  • improved efficiency in responding to telecommunications issues
  • increased resilience against the risk of cyber-attack.

Started 1 November 2019