Reinventing trams

Victoria’s retired trams have transported millions of people and are an integral part of our rich heritage.

As Melbourne’s transport system has modernised and the needs of public transport users have evolved, older trams have been progressively retired from the network.

Most of the retired trams are stored away at the Newport workshops and are in varying states of repair.

Following an expression of interest process where people applied to own a tram, we are now relocating the trams to their new homes.

Expression of interest

In 2018 we ran an expression of interest process to find the retired trams new homes, and received more than 1,500 applications for the 134 trams available.

We are now removing the trams from Newport so they can start their new lives.

You might soon see a refurbished tram being given a second life as a coffee shop, bar or community facility in your local neighbourhood. 

Find out more

If you’re interested in learning more about retired trams you can watch our videos, which tell eight different stories about the connections Victorians have with their trams.

All trams have been allocated and no more will be made available, but if you would like to know more about tram ownership please read our frequently asked questions below.

Relocated trams

The following trams were part of the expression of interest, and have been relocated:

  • The first tram to leave Newport, 907, went to the set of Australia’s longest running drama series, Neighbours
  • The next two trams, 742 and 770, from inside the Newport workshops, went to Launceston in Tasmania to become part of a new precinct in the city
  • The fourth to leave was tram number 812, which went to Diamond Creek to become a new community coffee shop
  • The fifth tram, 871, went to the Terang RSL
  • The sixth tram, 830, went to Benetook Farm in Mildura
  • The seventh, 807, went to Mount Perry Men’s Shed in Queensland
  • The eighth tram, 836, went to the Ballarat Tramway Museum 
  • The ninth tram, 962, went to Australian National Homes in Queensland
  • The tenth tram, 1004, went to Rosecliffe Boutique Farm Cottages in Queensland