New retail at St Albans Station

We have invested in the future of St Albans by creating a retail hub at the new St Albans Station.

St Albans Station was rebuilt as part of the Level Crossing Removal Project. We developed 700 square metres of premium retail and commercial spaces to surround the new station.

The spaces are providing retail in the heart of the redeveloped transport hub, and offer people places to meet and socialise or visit while they are waiting for their bus or train.

Coupled with the removal of the level crossing at Main Road, the retail development has improved connections between the station and the rest of St Albans and enhanced the safety of the station and bus interchange by attracting more people to the area.

We are looking for tenants to fill the spaces, to maximise the benefit of the development to local people and complement what is on offer in the rest of St Albans.

If you are interested in leasing one of the spaces, please contact Gary Loo at Knight Frank on 0411 192 881 or visit the Knight Frank website.

Started 10 May 2016