Utilities and services

At VicTrack, we provide access to those looking to upgrade or build new utility services on our land or adjacent to our infrastructure. We also provide access for maintenance works and removal of existing utilities and infrastructure.

As the landowner, we oversee applications and make decisions on Land Access Licenses. We also provide advice and guidance on completing the application process – including which other organisations you may need to seek approval from, such as Public Transport Victoria (PTV), Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning and transport operators.

Lodge an application
To lodge an application for a Land Access License, applicants need to email us directly, with any key supporting documents submitted at the time of lodging, including:

  • A completed Third Party Access application form (front and back)
  • Design drawings in A3 PDF readable format
  • Photographs (if available)
  • Locality plan
  • Geotechnical or environmental reports (where relevant)
  • VicTrack prior reference if known (applies to an existing asset)
  • Any other supporting documentation

We recommend groups looking to complete major a project, work in consultation with VicTrack to develop a project plan – to identify any challenges, and streamline processes to gain access approval.

Forms and other information
Application form to install utilities and services
Application fees and charges
CCTV camera checklist form
Third party tram pole application form (note: you may also want to download a guide on how to complete this form)
Soil sampling and installation of wells within VicTrack land guidelines

Third party approval process explained
All applications follow for key assessment stages, which can take up 3-12 months to complete, depending on the complexity of the project and other land use matters. Access for operational rail and tram environments require much higher duty of care and health and safety standards, for example.

The four stages of each application include:

  • Stage 1 VicTrack in principle review
  • Stage 2 Engineering compliance review
  • Stage 3 Rail or tram operator review
  • Stage 4 VicTrack approval and site access

Land Management and Information
Given VicTrack’s vast land portfolio it maintains a detailed register of information relating to its holdings. This includes land ownership, survey information, and historical data and design drawings. Should you require assistance with land ownership, easements or title information please contact the Property Group customer service number for assistance at customer.services@victrack.com.au