Support services

With our telecommunications network providing the backbone to Victoria’s transport services, network performance is first our priority at VicTrack. We provide 24 hour network monitoring, and planned and emergency repair and maintenance to ensure the highest standards of reliability.

Our Network Management Centre provides continuous monitoring services, backed by a specialist team of network engineers, field technicians and service personnel to ensure rapid recovery response to any faults or outages.

Our technical services team also provides support services for of our telecommunications products, as licensed provider to transport and government partners.

Some of the ways we support transport include:

  • Monitoring and customer response – we have a 24 hour Customer Contact Centre to respond to level crossing incidents, repairs and vandalism and emergency response for station lifts and centralised monitoring of customer infrastructure and security systems
  • Spectrum management – we are the managers of radio frequencies on behalf of the Victorian Government for transport agencies
  • Facilities and access rental – manages duct access, tower space rental, computer room rental, base station leases, tram pole access
  • Third party account management – management of third party accounts for transport service recipients