We maintain and manage all kinds of transport property including network infrastructure, bridges, open land and heritage buildings. We also operate commercial facilities like Dynon Rail Freight Terminal and the Newport Railway Workshops.

We manage the assets not in use for transport, with most of our portfolio – such as station buildings, signalling, track, underpasses, and footbridges – leased and maintained by Victoria’s rail and tram operators.

A series of franchise agreements determines the allocation of our assets to the operators, as well as the key responsibilities for repair and maintenance of the assets. In general, the group controlling the asset is required to ensure its proper management.

Reporting an issue

To report issues of graffiti, rubbish, damaged property, land maintenance, and other issues contact the group controlling the property. In general, it is best to:

  • Contact Metro for suburban rail property matters
  • Contact V/Line for country rail property matters
  • Contact ARTC for interstate rail property
  • Contact VicTrack for non-operational rail land, property and telecommunications infrastructure.

If you are unsure about which groups is most appropriate, refer to our Rail Maintenance Guidelines for a detailed list of responsibilities and contact information or email VicTrack at customer.service@victrack.com.au

More information

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