Mobile coverage in the city loop

We supported Victoria’s transport system, and improved the journeys of thousands of Victorians, by enabling passengers travelling through Melbourne's city loop to access constant high-quality 3G voice and 4G data coverage.

The mobile service emulates coverage in the Hong Kong, Singapore and Montreal underground rail systems, and exceeds the quality of coverage found in many other capital cities around the world.

Coverage is available through all the city loop’s stations and tunnels, which we made possible by using infrastructure installed as part of the $152 million Digital Train Radio System project.

It required 22 antennae and 10.5 kilometres of leaky feeder cabling to be installed through the loop's tunnels, and a further 100 antennae to be fitted in platforms and stations.

Extensive testing also took place to ensure mobile signals did not affect train driver radios.

The project was largely funded by VicTrack, on behalf of the state government, and by mobile phone carriers, Optus, Telstra and Vodafone.

Project Overview
Started 2 June 2014
Budget Multi-million