Reinventing trams

Victoria’s retired trams have transported millions of people and are an integral part of our rich heritage.

As Melbourne’s transport system has modernised and the needs of public transport users have evolved, older trams have been progressively retired from the network.

Most of the retired trams are stored away at the Newport workshops and are in varying states of repair.

Following an expression of interest process where people applied to own a tram, we are now relocating the trams to their new homes.

Expression of interest

In 2018 we ran an expression of interest process to find the retired trams new homes, and received more than 1,500 applications for the 134 trams available.

We are now removing the trams from Newport so they can start their new lives.

You might soon see a refurbished tram being given a second life as a coffee shop, bar or community facility in your local neighbourhood. 

Find out more

If you’re interested in learning more about retired trams you can watch our videos, which tell eight different stories about the connections Victorians have with their trams.

All trams have been allocated and no more will be made available, but if you would like to know more about tram ownership please read our frequently asked questions below.

You can also see where some of the trams have gone and find details about how they are being repurposed on this map.

The following trams were part of the expression of interest, and have been relocated:

1. The first tram to leave Newport, 907, went to the set of Australia’s longest running drama series, Neighbours
2. Tram 742 was one of two trams that were the first to leave the inside of the Newport workshops - they went to Launceston in Tasmania to become part of a new precinct in the city
3. Tram 770 was the second of these trams
4. Tram number 812 went to Diamond Creek to become a new community coffee shop
5. Tram 871 went to the Terang RSL
6. Tram 830 went to Benetook Farm in Mildura
7. Tram 807 went to Mount Perry Men’s Shed in Queensland
8. Tram 836 went to the Ballarat Tramway Museum
9. Tram 962 went to Australian National Homes in Queensland
10. Tram 1004 went to Rosecliffe Boutique Farm Cottages in Queensland
11. Tram 1005 went to Benton Rise Farm in Tuerong
12. Tram 789 went to Red Rock Regional Theatre in Cororooke
13. Tram 868 went to Alice Miller School in Macedon 
14. Tram 815 went to Grange Junction Cafe in Carnegie
15. Tram 1014 went to Gisborne Vintage Machinery Society in Macedon
16. Tram 903 went to Highfields Pioneer Village, Museum and Park in Queensland
17. Tram 1002 went to Links Community Garden in Lalor
18. Tram 995 went to Peregrine School in Tasmania
19. Tram 745 went to The Oaks Accommodation in Lilydale
20. Tram 757 went to Bendigo Tramways to be restored for Balcombe Grammar School in Mount Martha
21. Tram 734 went to Bendigo Tramways to be restored for Casey Grammar School in Cranbourne
22. Tram 805 went to Bendigo Artists
23. Tram 1035 went to Lot19 Art Space in Castlemaine
24. Tram 992 went to St Louis de Montfort’s School in Aspendale
25. Tram 927 went to Mount Evelyn Garden Centre
26. Tram 818 went to the Corryong Historic Machinery Society
27. Tram 986 went to Wattle Point Farm in Gippsland
28.   Tram 732 went to Mansfield Zoo
29.   Tram 973 went to Riverview Farm in Tatong
30.   Tram 911 went to Bendigo Tramways to be restored for Terindah Estate on the Bellarine Peninsula
31.   Tram 750 went to Victorian Railway Workshops Art & Antiques in Seymour
32.   Tram 819 went to Michael Unwin Wines in Windermere, Ballarat
33. Tram 877 went to Bighouse Arts in Coburg North
34.   Tram 1009 went to Bega Cheese in Port Melbourne
35.   Tram 942 went to the Crooked Carrot Cafe in Myalup, WA
36.   Tram 889 went to Main Ridge Alpacas on the Mornington Peninsula
37.   Tram 730 went to Tara B&B in Guildford
38.   Tram 1033 went to Hounds Run Vineyard in Great Western
39.   Tram 879 went to Bendigo Tramways to be restored for Dilato Investments in Melbourne
40.   Tram 912 was one of two trams that went to Big 4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday Park
41.   Tram 833 was the second of these trams
42. Tram 838 went to Parsons Gully in Heathcote
43.   Tram 1026 went to Grollo Group/Rialto Joint Venture
44.   Tram 685 went to Liston Transport Heritage Park in NSW
45.   Tram 1038 went to Grill'd
46.   Tram 917 went to 26 Degrees Limited
47.   Tram 974 went to Hester Vineyard in Balnarring
48.   Tram 913 went to Bexley in NSW
49.   Tram 978 went to Impiana Estate in Skenes Creek
50. Tram 733 was one of three trams that went to Our Friends Farm in Tallarook
51.  Tram 920 was the second of these trams
52. Tram 955 was the third of these trams
53. Tram 1016 went to the Big4 Tourist Park in Albury
54. Tram 764 went to Bendigo Tramways to be restored for William Angliss Institute
55. Tram 1006 went to the Altona Miniature Railway
56. Tram 882 went to Pine Hill in South Australia
57. Tram 741 went to Bendigo Tramways to be restored as a cafe/bar
58. Tram 999 went to Sunbury United Sporting Club
59. Tram 767 went to Spit Shack in Canberra 
60. Tram 859 was one of two trams that went to IN2 Performance in Noble Park
61. Tram 886 was the second of these trams
62. Tram 950 went to the Victorian Miniature Railway
63. Tram 990 was the second of these trams
64. Tram 894 went to Malthouse Geelong
65. Tram 898 went to Darwin to become a café
66. Tram 875 went to the Australian Mobile Food Vendors Group to become part of a food truck park
67. Tram 876 is the second of these trams
68. Tram 989 went to SoYa Hotel in South Yarra
69. Tram 768 went to Deer Park North Primary School
70. Tram 752 went to the Donnibrook Wildlife Rescue Centre
71. Tram 743 went to Watermark Inc. in Briagalong
72. Tram 748 went to Time Out Station near Adelaide
73. Tram 811 went to Our Lady of Fatima School in Rosebud   
74. Tram 763 went to Victoria Valley in the Grampians
75. Tram 790 was one of two trams that went to Edgar's Mission in Lancefield
76. Tram 793 was the second of these trams
77. Tram 994 went to Tag League in Shanes Park, NSW
78. Tram 914 went to 1/2 Acre Coffee Lounge and Nursery in Howlong, NSW
79. Tram 878 went to St Mary's Primary School in Altona
80. Tram 915 went to TAXIBOX Group Pty Ltd. in Braeside
81. Tram 1030 went to Dunolly to be used for community purposes
82. Tram 943 went to Rundlet Wines in Norong
83. Tram 684 went to Victorian Railway Workshops Art & Antiques in Seymour
84. Tram 744 went to Conondale in Queensland
85. Tram 720 went to 1/2 Acre Coffee Lounge and Nursery in Howlong, NSW