Soil reuse applications

We take applications for soil to be reused. 

Before you apply

You can apply for soil to be reused if your project meets this criteria:

  • proposed reuse material contains soil or ballast fines and the volume of material is more than 5m3
  • soil origin and reuse locations are both on VicTrack land or future VicTrack land

and the reuse criteria meets one of the following site definitions:

  • soil origin and reuse locations are within the same land title
  • soil origin and reuse locations are within the same VicTrack railway lot number
  • soil origin and reuse locations are within the same project boundary as defined by the guidelines
  • soil origin and reuse locations are within the same railway precinct (or no more than 200m within an adjacent railway precinct)
  • soil origin location is adjacent to soil reuse location
Reasons why we do not accept applications

We do not accept reuse applications if:

  • either soil origin or soil reuse locations are not on VicTrack land, or land to be transferred to VicTrack
  • reuse material contains asbestos
  • the reuse intention is not genuine* 
  • soil origin or reuse locations are outside project boundary
  • soil origin and reuse locations are not within the same railway precinct (or within 200m of an adjacent railway precinct)
Additional application requirements

Supporting documentation will need to be uploaded by the applicant via a file sharing link to finalise the application submission. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • site plan showing title / project boundaries site plan showing dimensions of soil origin and reuse areas (length, width, depth)
  • EPA A17 permit (or pathway assessment application to EPA), if applicable
  • environmental site assessment and soil waste disposal classification reports
  • design plans (for reuse) including information such as surface levels, gradient, drainage, capping material types, cross-sections
  • any planning overlays
  • evidence of acknowledgement and approval of reuse by future site maintainer / manager, if applicable

Prompts to supply specific supporting documentation are provided through the application process.

It is recommended that applicant is cognisant of VicTrack's soil reuse guidelines and the flow chart prior to commencing the application process.

* genuine reuse is where imported clean fill would otherwise be required at site, or the reuse is providing genuine benefit to the site and its environment

Apply for reuse