VicTrack introduces improved internet access product

28 August 2023

VicTrack has upgraded its internet access products, bringing significant improvements in internet speed, bandwidth, resilience, and reliability to our customers.

The product upgrade has been made possible by the introduction of two new internet gateways – routers that connect our customers to internet service providers.

VicTrack offers high performance internet services delivered over our carrier grade network to the transport, government and wholesale sectors, with flexible options and high availability.

The new internet gateways have replaced ageing hardware and are compatible with our Transport and Government Secure Network (TGSN) architecture that will provide seamless Internet connectivity to our customers.

“The new gateways have a far larger capacity, which allows us to offer customers internet access with higher bandwidths,” Product Manager, Vikrant Vij explained.

“Higher bandwidth options will cater to a customer’s existing needs and allow for future growth. Plus, changes can be made to service bandwidths with minimal disruption.”

“With the new gateways, our internet access service also has greater protection through gateway diversity. This is now a default feature of our internet products and is critical to ensuring business continuity if connectivity to one of the gateways is lost or degraded.”

Having our products on the latest hardware and software will also bring opportunities to increase efficiency in operational support systems and business support systems.

The improved product comes with a better pricing structure.

“We have introduced a simplified pricing structure for our products with competitive pricing,” Vikrant said. “The new pricing is much simpler and can help customers achieve better value for money.”

“As more and more functions move online and the need to support both onsite and offsite users grows, customers’ reliance on high grade internet will only continue to grow and VicTrack can help with that.”

Existing customers ordering new services will automatically get the new improved internet product. Customer services on the old gateways are being migrated, with migration to be complete in late 2023.

Promotional pricing on new products is available for a short time. Customers can contact their dedicated sales manager for more information. For any other enquiries please contact