As the asset owners, we bring specialist knowledge that provides a whole-of-network perspective on transport telecommunications projects.

Our experience spans the entire network from the latest mobile phone technologies in the city loop and digital commuter information displays, through to the legacy systems that remain part of the transport network.

Our aim is to meet the current and future demands of the Victorian public transport network and, as the transport sector’s telecommunications service provider, we deliver end-to-end solutions to ensure we achieve this. Our services provide for the design, build and project management of network infrastructure solutions and the ongoing maintenance and management of the network.
Our network engineers and project managers bring deep insight into each aspect of the project cycle and across all technologies in transport. It enables us to properly plan and manage the integration of new and existing infrastructure, for the most efficient outcomes.

Our project management and safety frameworks have also been developed to meet the specific challenges of our sector and align closely with our transport and government partners’ needs.

We continue to alongside Victoria’s largest transport initiatives and drive our own network improvements, such as:

Mobile phone coverage in the city loop

Regional passenger information displays